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Birding Business April 2015: Keep It Clean

Keep It Clean

Clean water is not as easy to find for wildlife as it is for us

WE ADDRESS A VARIETY OF SUBJECTS IN every issue of this magazine, mostly because there are so many to discuss, but also because we sometimes forget how important they can be to our customers and a reminder is rarely out of place.  Water is one of those things, and perhaps because it is so basic to everything that happens in this world its relevance to what we do is sometimes overlooked.  We take for granted that whenever we get thirsty we simply reach for a glass of water.  It’s always there for us no matter where we are.  But it isn’t quite so simple for wildlife. 

Through the ages every species has developed its own means of finding water, but still many die for want of it; or because the water available to them is tainted and makes them ill.   We all enjoy seeing wildlife, especially birds, in our yards, and most of us provide water either through a bird bath or pond or by some other means.  But many forget that wildlife have the same needs as we do, so those water sources must be kept clean and fresh.  That’s easy to say, but sometimes not so easy to do – especially with today’s busy, frenetic lifestyles.  So how do you help your customer serve their own needs of seeing birds around the house while, at the same time helping them help their local wildlife?

There are choices
It’s the same as doing any job – if you use the right tools the work is easy, and takes little time – and keeping the bird bath and pond clean is a snap.  You have multiple sources of water cleaners to offer, you just need to know how each is different from another and which will give your customer the best result.  Auraco’s Bird Bath Cleanse is a protein configuration that works like a can opener. They help break open organic contaminants so bacteria can consume them. Within 4 to 48 hours of treatment bacteria start consuming these contaminants, and the cleaner helps them work much faster.  Sludge and slime may continue to accumulate, but will not stick to the surface and can be easily wiped away.  For really stained surfaces just mix a bit of water with the cleaner to make a paste, and scrub.  It’s far safer than bleach or chemicals.

Another option is Carefree Enzymes’ approach.  This company offers enzymes to break down the organics, and bacteria to absorb them.  It’s a 2-step system that keeps ponds clean and clear, and is completely safe for fish, plants and wildlife.  There are other choices available as well, but these two will pretty much cover all the average homeowner’s needs.