New Products - October 2010

Sibley Poster
David Allen Sibley’s illustrations from his revolutionary field guide are now available in poster form!  The Sibley Backyard Birds of Eastern North America features 98 common species in 144 illustrations painted in relative size to each species.  This is an ideal product for schools, nature centers, store displays and kitchen walls.  The illustrations are arranged by family and include females, non-breeding plumages and immature birds which make for a handy wall reference guide.  Available from Scott & Nix. | $29.95

Snowman No/No Feeder
This frosty fellow is a wintertime take on the popular sunflower feeder sold by No/No Wild Bird Feeders.  The metal snowman won’t melt or get chewed by squirrels and looks like a real snowman when safflower is substituted for the usual black oil sunflower seed.  This 15 inch feeder is perfect for the Holidays as a gift item and sure to be a hit with titmice, chickadees and nuthatches. | $24.95

Ferris Feeder

Sometimes just watching finches from a tube feeder isn’t enough and you want to pump up the action a bit with your birds.  Does Exhart have the feeder for you!  The Ferris Feeder is a take on a ferris wheel toy popular with many caged birds that’s been modified as a wild bird feeder.  Fill the seed cups up with seed and when enough birds have landed, the feeder spins slowly around while the birds feed.  The feeder is roughly 26 inches tall and hold approximately four pounds of seed. | $99.95

Bird on a Nest

Looking to add a bit of coppery class to the garden Bird on a Nest, created by Haw Creek Forge in Asheville, NC is a copper garden sculpture of a bird on a hand woven copper wire nest.  A graceful addition to a garden standing tall on a 36” stake, bird on the nest is 9” tall and 4” wide. | $85.00

Woodlink Slot ‘n Pin Assembly
Woodlink is getting into the feeder pole business with their new Slot ‘n Pin hook system.  The versatile assembly accommodates feeders, baths and bird houses, and will mount to a deck rail, wall or in the ground.  Hooks for extra feeders and birdbaths can be added to an already existing system and some, like the oriole dishes, are brightly colored to help get birds’ attention.  Woodlink has a patented design for assembling a custom pole system that they say simply slides into place and anyone can set up in mere minutes. | price varies

Magnet Mesh Safflower/Hulled Sunflower Feeder
Mesh tube feeders are popular with customers because they hold lots of seed, are sturdy and allow for a variety of birds to perch and feed.  Not everyone likes to use black oil sunflower because of the shell mess or if grackles are a problem.  Birds’ Choice answered the call and came out with a line of mesh feeders with slightly smaller holes to accommodate hulled sunflower and safflower.  The feeders come in various colors and two different sizes to accommodate different bird traffic.  There is a thin tube that holds 1.25 quarts of seed and the larger 5 quart tube. | $28.50-$44.00

Bluebird Convertibles
Bluebird houses do not have to look like a natural wooden box any more.  Bluebird Convertibles made by Wildlife Allies combines functionality with decorative design in their cypress wooden houses.  Approved by the North American Bluebird Society, these bird houses made in the United States have a decorative front panel made of the highest grade Vinyl film for the outdoors that can be easily switched out to a design perfect for any yard from sunflowers, to eagles, to football teams.  The front panel can also be converted to create a roost box for the winter. | $39.95

Bird Feeders With Bling
This is the perfect bird feeder line for those new to the hobby of attracting birds to the yard. Even if no birds come to feed, the Bling Feeders are pretty to look at.  Designed to keep squirrels and large birds at bay while allowing smaller birds like finches, chickadees, nuthatches and titmice to feed freely, this feeder combines form with shiny bling.  Exhart has designed a line of beaded feeders shaped in various fruit shapes including an apple, a pear and an orange that are now available through Goldcrest Distributing.  Bright, sparkly and decorative, perfect for the Holiday Season.