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The Hairy Woodpecker

New Products - December 2010

New Products

stokes bird guideThe Stokes Field Guide to Birds of North America
Weighing more than the Sibley guide, the Stokes' newest release is an updated field guide for birders who enjoy photographs for identification rather than illustrations. The guide uses 3,400 photographs to describe 853 North American Bird Species.  The guide also includes a downloadable CD with more than 600 bird sounds of over 150 common North American species.
Little, Brown and Company | $29.95

Chow Time Birdie Bell
Sound the dinner bell for our birds when putting out mealworms and other treats.  If you ring the bell each time you fill a mealworm (or any other) feeder, the birds will eventually associate the sound with food and fly in when it rings.
Songbird Essentials | $9.99

Specializing in humane pest control, Bird-X offers a complete line of electronic ultrasonic devices that can be used to deter a variety of problem animals from mice in the house to geese along lake front property. The versatile Yard Guard can deter larger animals like cats, rabbits and squirrels from a feeding area. The smaller Transonic PRO is ideal to keep mice away from seed storage areas.
Transonic PRO | $49.99
Yard Gard | $49.99

rail rocketRail Rockit
Rail RockitsTM are a new deck rail bracket for hanging bird feeders and bird baths.  The name comes from the easy mounting system where you "rock it" into place to "lock it" securely to a deck rail which avoids the hassle of using screws or nails to hold them in place.  These brackets are part of a larger system for mounting planters, pet food dishes and even creating extra table space around a grill.  This easy to use product sells best with a demonstration and a video is available for instore play.
Rail Rockits | $24.99

Fly-Thru Bird Paint Kit
Fly-Thru birds have been a hot retail item for years but now the creators have added a fun twist for kids. The birds can now be purchased unpainted for families to decorate themselves.  When the paint dries the birds can be attached to windows. Make accurate cardinals or get creative and create a new species of hummingbirds.
Goldcrest | $9.99 |

Recycled Plastic Bird House Kit
A perfect gift for kids that sparks an interest in birds and teaches the importance of recycling. The kit comes with pieces of boards made from recycled plastic and hardware needed to create a house wren nest box with a one inch entrance hole. The house comes with stickers to personalize the bird abode. There is a bird feeding kit available too.  Each kit comes with an Audubon singing bird to make it a truly memorable gift.
Songbird Essentials | $29.99

Silly Rhymes for Belligerent Children

A unique kids' book full of rhymes that will make kids and adults laugh. Written by Trace Beaulieu and illustrated by Len Peralta.  The soft cover volume describes itself as "a yucky big book of rainy day fun for belligerent children and odd adults with nothing better to do." The book offers lessons in tiger ownership and compares the difference between bryozoa and honeybees.  Want different and unique, this is it.
Amorphous Productions | $19.95

solar insertUniversal Solar Insert
This easy to use gadget makes the perfect addition to any small water feature.  Simply pop the 8.5" diameter device into a bird bath, pot, planter, bowl or shallow basin that holds more than an inch of water on a sunny day and you instantly have a trickling fountain. The insert includes a nozzle kit for five different water styles.
Outdoor Solar Solutions, LLC | $79.99